From historic architecture to breathtaking luxury real estate or corporate facilities to large outdoor personal and professional situations such as outdoor entertainment or news events, Wings Videos USA® will capture the drama and beauty that only aerial photography and 4K videography can offer.


Wings Videos USA® should be your first choice for aerial cinematography for feature films, short films, and commercials. Our company has twenty years of experience in shooting award-winning professional video, and if you prefer, we can edit and score your video or still photographs, creating an emotional journey viewed from a perspective that previously was not possible.

Aerial photography and videography

Using drone technology with high-resolution 3-D imagery, cloud points, and thermal imaging, you can now do the following safely at vastly reduced costs:

  1. Survey land
  2. Track the progress of a construction project
  3. Create 3-D models and orthomosaic maps of construction sites for architects, engineers, and miners, complete with precise measurements of size, location, and volume.
  4. Reconstruct 3-D accident and disaster scenes for relief personnel and forensic engineers with accuracy measurements within 1 meter or less
  5. Collect topographical data

Aerial mapping & surveying

Aerial inspections


Quickly collect aerial imaging data on the health of farm crops by determining disease, irrigation, and insect damage.


Inspect difficult access areas on bridges;  dams; roadways; pipelines; and cell, power, and water towers by using high-resolution and thermal imagery UAS cameras.

renewable energy

Design, install, and monitor solar and wind-renewable energy installations using UAS thermal imagery and 3-D land mapping.

Aerial surveillance

Wings Videos USA® retains an FAA-issued Certificate of Waiver that allows a us to fly at night and make our UAS available to law enforcement for surveillance. Please examine all local laws for privacy issues and search warrants, if required. The responsibility for complying with all surveillance and privacy laws lies with the law enforcement agency hiring Wings Videos USA®.

Wings Videos USA® is pleased to provide local law local enforcement or fire and rescue agencies with its pilots and UAVs pro bono, when available, for any assistance in search and rescue work.

Aerial for search & rescue

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Aerial Inspections

Aerial Surveillance

Aerial for Search & Rescue

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