Wings Videos USA® is a division of Cerami Creative and Soundbyte Digital Audio Productions, Inc., a Pennsylvania Corporation founded as an unmanned aerial system (UAS) or drone commercial services operator. The services offered include aerial photography and videography, aerial mapping, aerial inspections, aerial surveillance, and aerial search and rescue.


We are currently operating under Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules. All of our UAS pilots are licensed and certified by the FAA and are experienced with operating UASs.


We strictly follow all FAA laws, including National Airspace System laws, no-fly zone laws, and all commercial UAS laws. We keep abreast of all federal airspace rules, including temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) and notices to air-men (NOTAMs). We carry with us to all jobs a pilot’s Nav/Com radio to monitor local aircraft traffic, and we have the ability and the pilot experience to speak directly to all nearby aircraft and air traffic control (ATC) personnel in the event of an emergency. As mandated by the FAA, we inspect and maintain all UASs prior to each flight and log all hours flown. We hold a liability insurance policy of one million dollars related to all UAS operations for our clients.


Frank Cerami BIO

Frank Cerami
President, and Licensed Pilot.

Frank Cerami is the president and founder of Wings Videos USA®. He is also the president of Cerami Creative, a Philadelphia-based marketing and advertising company founded in 1995. Frank began his career in the media business in the 1980s, working for twenty-five years as a Philadelphia-area radio station broadcaster, copywriter, research and analytics director, and program director. He is a member of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia.


Frank has had a love for aviation including the operating of remote-piloted aircraft since he was a child. At age 15, before he could drive a car, he began saving money from after-school jobs so that he could pay for half-hour flight lessons in a manned aircraft each Sunday. His first trainer aircraft was a classic Aeronca Champ “tail dragger” type airplane flown from a historic grass airfield in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Today, he holds an FAA-issued pilot’s license and an FAA-issued remote aircraft pilot’s license, and he is a member of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association.

Frank also has a passion for photography and videography. Through Cerami Creative, he has written and produced scores of award-winning TV commercials, corporate videos, and online videos for clients such as Yuengling Beer, Penn Medicine, and The Jim Henson Company.

In 2010, Frank was moved by the beauty of the aerial cinematography displayed in The Smithsonian channel’s Aerial America, a syndicated cable network show that featured aerial views of landmarks in all fifty states. Frank wanted to try his hand at creating similar videos as a hobby.


However, the Smithsonian channel used footage shot from a helicopter equipped with a one half million dollar Cineflex V14HD

gyro-stabilized camera system. With the introduction of the brand-new technology of small affordable 4K camera–equipped

quadcopters (drones or UASs), cinematographers can now duplicate many of the shots seen in Aerial America.

Furthermore, these quadcopters have become more intelligent by combining GPS way points, onboard infrared, and 3-D imaging for aerial mapping, surveillance, and inspection. Prior to this technology, mapping and surveillance and inspections of tall terrestrial structures were very costly and had to be accomplished using airplanes, helicopters, satellite imagery, and time-consuming ground surveillance.

The combination of Frank’s love for aviation, aerial video production, and the newly developed technology of aerial-acquired terrestrial data led him to develop the Wings Videos USA® company.

Members of Frank’s family make up a part of the support staff for the Wings Videos USA® company, including the administrative, computer and software engineering, and sales and marketing departments.



vincent c. ellis BIO

Vincent C. Ellis
UAV Videographer, Director of Photography, & Director


Vincent C. Ellis is an award-winning videographer, director of photography, and director and has worked on hundreds

of film and television productions, including feature films, music videos, commercials, and documentaries. His credits include director of photography for the long-running crime reality show Forensic Files. Other projects have included documentaries on the Kennedy assassination, and Roots – A Film En Music, a film on the reggae music experience in

the United States. Most recently, he has been working on a documentary of New York Times film critic Pauline Kael, featuring directors David O’Russel and Quentin Tarantino and actor Alec Baldwin.

Vincent is our director of photography for all UAS video projects. He also has four years of experience operating Wings Videos USA’s® Red Epic camera, available for high-end UAS video projects.


Computer and Software Engineer, UAS Aircraft Technician.


Jeff Chestek is a Grammy award–winning audio engineer. He has built and repaired recording studios, electronic equipment, and computers since the first personal computers were integrated with audio recording in the late 1980s.


Jeff maintains and repairs all Wings Video USA’s® unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and oversees software that is integrated with aerial data collection.

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